Are There Xarelto and Alcohol Interactions?

Are There Xarelto and Alcohol Interactions?

March 4, 2017 Information 0
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When taking any prescription medication – and even some over the counter medications – patients need to be careful with the use of alcohol. While it is perfectly safe in some situations to drink alcohol while on medication, it can be extremely dangerous in other cases. If you are on any kind of medication, always check with a doctor or review the drug information before proceeding to consume alcohol.

In the case of a drug like Xarelto, it is particularly important to be careful with alcohol. Xarelto is a blood thinner, and one of the possible side effects associated with this medication is uncontrolled bleeding. While it is not necessary to abstain from alcohol completely, it is recommended that you keep your alcohol consumption under a modest limit. For most people, having no more than two alcoholic drinks within a day is a good rule of thumb. Of course, your individual situation may vary, so it is best to check with your doctor on a recommended limit for alcohol while taking the drug Xarelto.

Potential Worsening of Uncontrolled Bleeding

The reason it is best to keep alcoholic consumption to a modest amount while on Xarleto is due to the fact that alcohol could worsen the bleeding which can take place while on this drug. Specifically, you may be at a higher risk for bleeding in the stomach if you drink alcohol in excessive amounts. As internal bleeding can quickly become a dangerous and life-threatening situation, you would be wise to follow doctor’s orders carefully on this point. With no antidote available for Xarelto, any internal bleeding which may occur could potentially turn into a disastrous event.

Be Smart About Your Diet

One of the main marketing messages of the drug Xarelto when it was introduced to the market was that no dietary changes were needed from patients using the drug. This was a departure from the norm for other drugs which were already on the market as blood thinners. The promise of being able to maintain a normal diet while still getting the necessary blood thinning medication was attractive for a great number of patients. But does that promise of keeping your regular diet extend to alcohol consumption? That point is not as clear.

In general, it is not considered to be a good idea to consume large quantities of alcohol while on Xarelto. Alcohol interacts with various drugs in a number of complex ways, making it uncertain how an individual’s body will respond when alcohol and a drug like Xarelto are mixed. Most people will likely be able to avoid any serious side effects with moderate consumption, but even that is not a guarantee. In fact, many doctors recommend against any alcohol consumption while on any blood thinning medication, simply out of caution.

Alcohol and Underlying Conditions

The interaction between alcohol and the drug Xarelto itself is only one of the issues you need to be concerned with while on the medication. Another possible point of concern is the affect that alcohol could have on the underlying condition which is causing you to be prescribed Xarelto in the first place. For instance, if you have atrial fibrillation, your doctor may have some concern about alcohol consumption based on the status of your heart condition. As always, open and clear communication with your physician is important to make sure you are behaving in a manner which is best for your health.

Another Potential Problem

If you are thinking about drinking alcohol while on Xarelto, there is another issue which is easy to overlook but should be kept in mind. Obviously, alcohol, when consumed in sufficient quantity, can cause an individual to lose some control over his or her basic motor skills. That might not be a big deal for an otherwise healthy individual, however it can be a major risk for someone on a blood thinner like Xarelto.

If you should happen to take a fall, even a minor one, while intoxicated, the resulting wound may initiate an uncontrolled bleeding event. Minor cuts and scrapes are not a large concern for most people, but they are for those on blood thinners. Potentially even worse is an internal injury which goes unnoticed for a period of time. If you take a fall and wind up bruising yourself internally, your thinned blood could lead to a bleeding event which brings serious health risks – and even death – into the picture.

For patients taking Xarelto, there is no specific prohibition in place with regard to alcohol consumption. However, as is always the case when mixing alcohol and medicine, it is important to be smart and to take all warnings from your physician quite seriously. If it is recommended that you should abstain from alcohol while on Xarelto, it may be best to do just that. Given the unpredictable nature of alcohol and the already compromised health of someone on blood thinners, it is easy to see how dangerous situations could result when the two are brought together.

In the short history of Xarelto being available for use by the American public, there have already been many incident of severe side effects leading to injury or death. As a result, there are thousands of lawsuits currently underway, and more come along just about every day. If you or a loved one has been harmed by a side effect related to Xarelto, you may be entitled to damages. Think carefully about your own personal situation and consider all options when weighing legal action against the makers of Xarelto.